The Adventures of Duncan Hunter

The Adventures of Duncan Hunter

Sunday, August 26, 2018

How Fake News made a President, how they are trying to unmake President Trump

President Donald Trump continues to be hammered over his statement that the “fake news” is the “enemy of America.” 

Every time the President delivers his comments at a Trump Rally and pokes at the media as “the fake news,” the media become incensed and counterattacks, usually by rolling out their favorite go-to media whores, Senator Schumer or Rep Pelosi, for a sanctimonious rebuttal: “…suppression of a free press is how ‘dictators get started.’  We need a free press.”

More recently, the President’s “fake news” comments are considered by the media, collectively, as “dangerous,” as if SEAL Team snipers have been ordered to the rooftops of skyscrapers to pop those network stars who dared to criticize the President.

While the media has been generating and feeding Americans “fake news” for decades, they truly turned “fake news” into an art form with the 2007 elections.  Specifically, the media distorted and lied about the presidential candidates’ eligibility for President, under Article II of the U.S. Constitution.  Both Republican and Democrat candidates, Senators McCain and Obama.  Americans may be shocked to know that both candidates had “issues” with their eligibility but these issues were never fully explored or investigated, or accurately reported. 

Instead of researching and reporting the facts and circumstances regarding each candidate’s eligibility under Article II, any discussion devolved into deflections.  Newsrooms coordinated their efforts and avoided the facts.  The media created their own set of rules and definitions.  These fake news discussions were played out on network television, by vociferous partisan panel members.  Never was an immigration attorney consulted, never was a constitutional scholar consulted. 

The media had the same access to information as the general public.  Any competent and inquisitive journalist desiring to become a little smarter on the arcane and Article II topic of “natural born citizen” should have found a remarkable document, thanks to Al Gore’s amazing internet.

In her 1988 article, in the Yale Law Journal, The Natural-Born Citizen Clause and Presidential Eligibility: An Approach for Resolving Two Hundred Years of Uncertainty, law student Jill Pryor wrote, “It is well settled that ‘native-born’ citizens, those born in the United States, qualify as natural born.  It is also clear that persons born abroad of alien parents, who later become citizens by naturalization, do not.  But whether a person born abroad of American parents, or of one American and one alien parent, qualifies as natural born has never been resolved.”

In other words, for the 2007 election, Ms. Pryor’s article would suggest that the U.S. Constitution was sufficiently vague in two disparate areas: whether either John McCain, a person born abroad of American parents, or Barack Obama, a person born of one American and one alien parent, actually qualified as a “natural born citizen.” 

The media—and the DNC—understood the implications of Ms. Pryor’s article.  If or when tested by a federal court, there would likely be only one favorable outcome.  As plaintiff, John McCain, would most likely succeed in his lawsuit.  He should be considered “a natural born citizen,” as his parents would have likely given birth to John in America “but for” his parents’ assignment to Panama precluded him from being born in the United States.  Candidate John McCain was a “natural born citizen” although he was born in a foreign land.

On the other hand, Ms Pryor’s article suggests that if or when tested by a federal court, that a candidate like Barack Obama, a person born of one American and one alien parent, would not qualify as a natural born citizen.  The Supreme Court, in its due diligence, would research and acknowledge that the Founding Fathers created this “national rule” to prevent anyone from interpreting “natural born citizen” under common laws rules because it eliminated the possibility of a child being born with more than one claim of allegiance.  Simply, Barack Obama, with a Kenyan father and an American mother, was born to a parent who owed his allegiance to a foreign sovereignty, that the child was born under two constitutions of two nations, a “dual national,” and consequently subject to split allegiance.  The court would not rule in Mr. Obama’s favor.

Senator Barack Obama’s “untested” probable ineligibility to be President was a major problem for the Democrats and the media.  If he was to continue running for President, the only way to help Senator Obama cross the finish line was to ensure Senator McCain, the only person who had “standing” to bring a lawsuit, never filed a lawsuit challenging his opponent’s eligibility.  Congress proclaimed John McCain as a “natural born citizen” under Article II of the U.S. Constitution.  Congress was silent on Barack Obama’s eligibility other than to say the U.S. Constitution is vague.

The “fake news” marshalled their forces and asserted on television and in the print media a simple narrative, that Senator Obama was eligible to run for President, that he was “a natural born citizen” under Article II by virtue of being “naturally born in Hawaii.”  Whoopi Goldberg on The View said so, as did numerous others, thus it must have been true. 

It wasn’t until after the election that private citizen, Donald Trump, did what many skeptical Americans did at the time, he listened to the media that he was a part of and took the “fake news’” birth certificate “birther” bait. 

At some time during the Obama Administration, Donald Trump learned that the election of Barack Obama occurred because the Republicans and the Republican candidate had been either poorly informed or too cowardly to take Senator Obama to court.  During the presidential primaries, Candidate Trump threatened to sue Republican candidates, Senators Rubio and Cruz, over their questionable Article II eligibility. 

This unincorporated media amalgam we ascribe as “fake news” believes they made the election of Barack Obama possible.  By keeping him out of the judicial system and exposing his untested credentials, the “fake news” was able to carry and maintain an offsetting message, that questioning the eligibility of Barack Obama made one a vile racist.  This tactic worked well.

Now they believe they can unmake the election of President Trump.  The strategies the “fake news” perfected during the Obama campaign are being used by the media and the FBI to disqualify and remove President Trump by impeachment.  The bogus FBI-generated dossier is more “fake news.”

I am reminded of the oath I took as an officer in the Marine Corps.  The important part: I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. 

Who defines, “…enemies, foreign and domestic?”  “Fake news” redefined the term “natural born citizen” to suit their means and political goals.  It wasn’t the U.S. Supreme Court that debated and defined the constitutional term. 

It seems to me that when the free press “takes sides” and operates out of their charter as “the free press” and becomes “the fake news” by manufacturing lies and bogus documents, and actively conspiring with an opposition party to facilitate the overthrow of a duly elected President, the totality of their actions should to be reconsidered.  The Fourth Estate is not only engaged in partisan Fifth Column activities as an extension of the deep state’s intelligence community.  But the media has sent their version of SEAL Team Six into battle, to work clandestinely to politically assassinate their enemies.  Death by a thousand cuts.  The “fake news” is the Sixth Column—what we are witnessing is they are the resistance.  They function as the French Resistance functioned, cells were small groups of men and women who, in addition to their guerrilla warfare activities, were also publishers of underground newspapers.

The “fake news” views their work as fighting their enemy.  The media declared war on President Trump.  The “fake news” is the enemy of America.